Arrive and Drive Corvette Rental
Arrive and Drive Corvette Rental Packages
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It’s simple:

  1. Choose your preferred Corvette.
  2. Choose one of our pre-programmed routes.
  3. Drive!
All packages INCLUDE:
  • Gas
  • Tolls (if applicable)
  • A gift card to a restaurant or ice cream stand along your chosen route.

What’s an Arrive and Drive Package?

Our Arrive & Drive packages are the most popular and easiest way to experience driving a Corvette. First, you choose which pre-planned route you prefer, then you choose your preferred Corvette and finally a date that fits your schedule. Your chosen route is programmed into the Corvette’s navigation system. Upon departure, the navigation system ‘guides’ you along the route.

Both of our Arrive and Drive routes are designed to maximize the Corvette driving experience, plus they’reĀ all inclusive; fuel, tolls and a gift card to an ice cream stand or restaurant along the route are all included. Delivery and pickup are not options with our Arrive and Drive packages, as all routes begin and end at our location in Billerica.

Since you are following a pre-programmed plan route, customers are encouraged to enjoy your route at your own pace…. there is no strict time limit. When purchasing an Arrive and Drive package, the customer is purchasing the route – how long it takes to complete the route is up to you.