About New England Corvette

The thrill of driving a Corvette, without the cost of ownership.

New England Corvette LLC is a family owned business that began over fall and winter of 2010. As with any new business, there were many changes and revisions made to the original idea since inception. However, after a long winter and many difficult decisions, New England Corvette was born. It was decided in the very beginning that New England Corvette would value such things as integrity, honesty, and legitimacy, all while providing exceptional customer service and most of all FUN!!!

With the rental of our Corvettes, we know that our customers are finally realizing a fantasy that they have had for a long time, our goal is to provide the best possible overall experience. We don’t want to just satisfy, we aim to excite.

Unlike some other sports car rental companies, our Corvettes are registered and insured as rentals. This increases our expenses, but its more important to us that the client is comfortable and assured knowing that New England Corvette LLC is a legitimate and honest operation.

We also own our Corvettes, whereas some other rental companies simply act as brokers in the rental process. Since we own our vehicles, we have direct control over the maintenance and appearance of our inventory; we wouldn’t trust our reputation to anyone else.

Classic Sports Cars for Rent

Drive an American Tradition

Many realize that the ownership of such vehicles doesn’t make financial sense… the maintenance, insurance, storage, and taxes of these vehicles can be staggering at best; and of course, don’t forget the initial high purchase price. For many enthusiasts, it’s not the ownership of a sportscar that is most desirable, but it’s the driving experience itself. With the services provided by New England Corvette – the client can avoid all the negative aspects of ownership, and can simply “enjoy the ride.”