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Guided Tour Corvette Packages

Breakfast Tour – $300

Our Guided Breakfast Tour is a great way to experience driving more than one Corvette, get a great breakfast, and meet some like-minded Corvette-lovers at the same time!

The original New England Corvette guided tour. I drive one of our Corvettes and sell the seats in the remaining Corvettes – we then go for a drive. We typically follow a route very similar to our ‘Date Night’ route, but we always seem to add some extra mileage to that – the Corvettes are just too much fun to drive!!! We stop for an included breakfast at Marketplace Diner in Hollis, NH for you and your passenger (passengers are encouraged).

The best part is… we rotate Corvettes. By the time we return to our location in Billerica, each customer will have driven each Corvette in the tour group – including new and classic Corvette Stingrays, Coupes and the Convertible.

Guided Corvette Tours in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

What’s a Guided Corvette Tour?

A New England Corvette tour guide drives one of our Corvettes while the rest follow. There is some highway driving, but the majority is scenic, less-travelled backroads. Fuel, tolls and a meal for you and your passenger are all included.

If you are interested in one of our Corvette tours – please call to check schedule and availability.